Religious Studies Teacher Rapes, Impregnates 15-Year-Old Pupil

An instructor with Jubilee Community Grammar School in Surulere under Ondo West Local Government Area of Ondo State, Sola Akinyemi, has assaulted and impregnated one of his understudies, an appeal gotten by Sahara Reporters, uncovered. 
Akinyemi, as per the appeal, had been strongly having coitus with of the understudy before he inevitably got her pregnant. 
It was found out that the instructor takes Christian Religious Studies subject in the administration possessed school. 
Everything began when the randy educator found a cell phone on the understudy during a talk. 
The telephone was seized and turned into a draw in attracting the young lady to various inns in Ondo town where the educator exploited her for a long time. 
The educator took steps to manage the understudy on the off chance that she told anybody that he assaulted or had been laying down with her. 
An ongoing output completed on the young lady uncovered that she is presently seven months pregnant. 
Miserable by the terrible occurrence, mother of the adolescent young lady detailed the case to her companion, who consequently went up against the instructor. 
The case was later answered to the police in Ondo town. 
Akinbinu Oluwafemi, a human rights legal advisor, has assumed control over the case and requested of the Commissioner of Police in Ondo State on the issue.
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